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At exeQspace, we know that your belongings, whether personal or commercial, are a precious commodity. To you, they are not just things. They’re memories and valued possessions that took hard work to acquire. Or, perhaps, you’re storing crucial business inventory that will guarantee future success.

Whatever you may be looking to put into storage, the exeQspace ethos centers on always prioritizing your peace of mind and lessening the impact on your pocket.
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Cost-Effective and Secure Self-Storage

We go out of our way to ensure that when you store your items with us, they’re as safe and secure as can be – all at an affordable price. You can rest assured knowing that Pretoria’s best-priced self-storage service provider is looking after your interests, 24/7. Our experienced staff will assist you in deciding how much space to rent and how to best optimize it so that you gain maximum value for your spending. exeQspace is the perfect self-storage solution for clients moving home, traveling, renovating, redecorating, simply clearing space or stocking business inventory off-site.

Lifestyle Self-Storage

exeQspace offers so much more than the traditional, garage door-styled units one might find elsewhere. Our larger, lifestyle self-storage options are designed with exclusivity and spaciousness in mind. Endowed with big, accommodating doors, lifestyle self-storage units are the ideal solution for treasured leisure items like boats, jet skis, campers and trailers, motorbikes, bicycles, camping gear, musical instruments, and more. Exclusivity needn’t break the bank.

Convenient Pretoria East Location

Situated at 652 Eland Street, Mooikloof – just off Garsfontein Road – in Pretoria East, our premises are easily located and accessed.

Safe, budget-friendly, and effortless – exeQspace has your household, lifestyle and business self-storage needs covered. With high-quality units ranging from 5 to 32 square meters, we certainly have something for everyone. Additionally, unlike typical garage-styled self-storage, our larger lifestyle units feature expansive doors and are designed to house your valuable recreational vehicles.

Please be aware that for safety reasons we do not accept cash in our stores.

getting started

Rent Self-Storage with exeQstore in Minutes

Tired of endless paperwork? Don’t worry, getting started with exeQspace self-storage is a breeze. We need a few standard and easily obtainable documents – with these in hand, the process can be completed from beginning to end in a matter of minutes.

To rent a unit with us, you’ll need the following:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Banking details
  • Security deposit – equal to one month’s rental fee (but limited to R1 000)

Prohibited and Hazardous Items

To further protect your property from danger, exeQspace prohibits the storage of certain hazardous materials and chemicals. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Flammable liquids, including petrol
  • Full or empty gas cylinders
  • Toxic, pollutants or contaminated goods
  • Food or perishable goods
  • Living plants or animals
  • Firearms, ammunition or explosives
  • Radioactive materials
  • Cash and securities
  • All waste products
  • All illegal goods are strictly prohibited


Why opt for exeQspace self-storage?

Our self-storage is a budget-friendly way to store personal and business goods in a safe and secure facility. There’s no need to sign long leases, getting started is easy and quick (same day service), and you can access your unit, for free, whenever you need to. Up- and downgrades are available, and we have all the materials you need for packaging.

What unit sizes are available?

Our units are between 5 and 32 square metres, depending on your needs.

What are the costs involved?

exeQspace is dedicated to providing high-quality self-storage at truly affordable rates. To find out more, contact us or request a quote. It’s quick, easy, and you’ll be glad you did!

Are there any additional costs to bear in mind?

You can expect to pay a security deposit (1-month deposit) and a small fee for your unique entry tag to ensure secure access control. If applicable, you may also opt for insurance. Lastly, you’ll need to buy a padlock if you don’t have a suitable one already.

What do I need to start renting?

We will need proof of identity (your ID), proof of address, banking details, and a security deposit of 1-month’s rental fees (limited to R1 000). For foreign nationals, in lieu of an ID, a proof of residence/work permit will be accepted.

Does exeQspace provide packaging materials?

Yes, we sell boxes of various sizes, adhesive tape, bubble wrap and heavy-duty padlocks. Our expert staff will assist you in choosing the right amounts so that you don’t overspend or come up short.

Can I reserve a unit in advance?

Most definitely! In fact, we suggest that you do. To do so, simply via email link or call us and have your deposit ready for processing.

What are the times at which I can access my unit?

For existing clients:

Monday - Sunday – 05:00 to 18:00
Access outside of these times needs to be arranged with the office beforehand

For new clients or visitors:

Weekdays – 08:00 to 17:00
Saturdays – 08:00 to 14:00

What notice period do I have to give if I want to stop my rental?

At exeQspace, you’re not locked into long-term contracts with severe penalties and fees. All we need is 30 days’ written notice before the end of the month you intend to be your last.

How are my goods insured while in exeQspace self-storage?

We pride ourselves on keeping your goods safe and sound, but insurance is always a good idea. We will refer you to the right people.

Is there anything I can’t store with exeQspace?

Yes, there are items that put others at risk, so they are a definite no-no. These include, but are not limited to:
- Flammable liquids, including petrol
- Full or empty gas cylinders
- Toxic, pollutants or contaminated goods
- Food or perishable goods
- Living plants or animals
- Firearms, ammunition, or explosives
- Radioactive materials
- Cash and securities
- All waste products
- All illegal goods are strictly prohibited

If I need assistance to transport my goods, can exeQspace help?

Our staff will be able to advise you on where to turn should you require a specialist removals company.

What are the minimum and maximum periods I can rent for?

Our minimum period is one month. There is no upper limit.

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