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Tradition is great, but sometimes the old ways have to step aside for the needs and wants of those at the cutting edge of cultural evolution. Coworking is now the avant-garde of best practices when it comes to a generation valuing adaptability, continual invention, and creative solutions to novel problems.

Coworking is a common-sensical approach to the problem of lowering unnecessary expenditure while maximizing productivity. The idea behind it is as simple as it is effective: in a coworking space, you get to hot desk in a shared office environment, equipped with first-rate infrastructure and amenities, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Here, flexibility and affordability are combined in a manner impossible to match in traditional settings, and the open plan encourages collaboration, networking, and the sharing of ideas. We firmly believe that the best stuff happens when awesome people get together and inspire new concepts.

There’s no need to sign cumbersome, restrictive leases. From just a few days to several months, the term of your utilization of our facilities is entirely up to you. You have the freedom to arrive at the exeQwork office, pick a desk that catches your eye, run through a quick set-up process, and start producing.

In other words, by choosing coworking, you have access to a desk in a top-tier office, paying only for the time and resources that you use. Our facilities, while affordable, are comprehensive and high-quality. You can look forward to, for example:
  • A desk in a modern, comfortable office
  • High-speed Internet and Wi-Fi
  • Weekly cleaning and daily dustbin emptying
  • Access to boardrooms (by prior arrangement)
  • Access to additional business services and equipment like printers, scanners, and binders
  • The use of business support services like reception, call forwarding, a Mooikloof-based business address, and more
  • Starting from R999 per month
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Our serviced offices are located in Mooikloof, Pretoria East, in the same upmarket premises as our coworking office spaces. The Mooikloof area is situated well away from the distractions of traffic and the bustle that can so easily disturb focus and waste precious time. Additionally, the offices are near Woodlands Boulevard and the Mooikloof Village shopping centers.

The office is maintained and run by a specialist (that would be us, your friendly exeQwork team), saving you immense amounts of hassle and haggling with uncompliant letting agencies.

At exeQwork, we pride ourselves on the high quality of everything in our offices, from the interior design and modern facilities to the smallest of details about the professionalism of our team.

We take care of the office; you take care of creating the businesses and products that drive our economy.

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